Fidelity KokTobe Run(далее Забег) проводится с целью:
● пропаганды здорового образа жизни;
● дальнейшего развития массового спорта;
● популяризация массового бега в Республике Казахстан

The championship and championship of the Omsk region on snow disciplines of the EU, stage of the Russian Cup sprint-race "Hyperborea 2018"

The annual major competitions on run on long distances in the winter in Russia. Have unofficial status of the coldest mass race in the world.

Traditional track and field athletics run "Yenisei-Father"

15 October in Shymkent there will be a citywide mileage “13 region”, organized by fitness clubs “Kasiet” and “ROYAL CLUB FITNESS & SPA”.

XXXII легкоатлетический пробег «Познай себя». 16.09.2017 г. Красноярск

Outdoor track and field, polymeration "Knock yourself out", Khanty-Mansiysk